8 Things We Hate at Malls

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8 Things We Hate at Malls

Yes, you.

| May 16, 2017

8 Things We Hate at Malls

By Anthony Ken

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In this summer heat, malls are welcome oases for us Pinoys. Sure, we can complain about the lack of parks, and I agree. Except that this heat is unbearable, and the cool air the malls bring us is a welcome respite from the summer heat.

Of course, there are party-poopers inside the mall that make us go crazy. Here are some of them:


Of course, we understand that people go to the malls to get out of the heat, just like the rest of us. What makes us scratch our heads are those that loiter around the aisles; and it’s not like the spaces in our malls are that big–they do like filling up every corner with something. Surely, you guys can move to the side when you’re having a conversation?


Hovering Sales Assistants

While we are fully aware that it is their job to assist us, it becomes annoying when they hover everywhere we go–especially when we can feel them literally breathing down our necks.


Those who take their time ordering

It is a mystery to us how people who’ve stood for an ample amount of time waiting for their turn at the counter could only think about their orders once they are being served. I mean, the menu board is flashing right in front of you while you wait.


Counter clerks who take their time assembling your order

Conversely, it’s irritating when the cashier is unmindful of the long line. You know the type: the one who deemed it more important to have a conversation with the cashier beside him/her, or those who think they have the time to mind the other cashier’s business–like how they should properly bag the items.