8 Things We Love about Erwan Heussaff (No Wonder, Anne Said “Yes”)

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8 Things We Love about Erwan Heussaff (No Wonder, Anne Said “Yes”)


| December 22, 2016


8 Things We Love about Erwan Heussaff

(No Wonder, Anne Said “Yes”)

By Tynne De Leon


With his recent engagement to Anne Curtis (which brought us to tears, by the way), we can’t help but  admire more the  man of the hour, Erwan Heussaff. He’s about as close to perfection as a man can get—how we wish we also have an Erwan in our lives!

And to make us more jealous of Anne, the following are the things that we love about him:

8. He’s low-key


Although he’s the SO of the superstar Anne Curtis, he doesn’t want to share the spotlight. In fact, he doesn’t want to be tagged as “Anne’s boyfriend”; he wants to be known for his work.


7. He loves books and TV series


In his interview with Women’s Health last year, he admits he loves to just stay home on a Friday night, reading books or watching television series. His old favorites include Top Chef, Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad. We do too, Erwan!


6. He’s passionate


We all know that he is well known in the food and hospitality industry, and this is because he puts his heart into it. He worked so hard to be where he is now. And by taking up different roles in the industry, he continues to grow.


5. He’s disciplined


If you’re a huge fan of Erwan, you would know about his journey towards losing weight. He was obese before, to the point that he “no longer recognizes” himself. And that’s when he started to exercise and put himself through rigorous diet. Now, he has created his own diet rules to inspire others in achieving their #bodygoals.