8 Things We Miss from the Early 2000s That We’d Love to Have Back

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8 Things We Miss from the Early 2000s That We’d Love to Have Back

The internet ruined everything.

| December 4, 2017

Pinoy outdoor games

Before technology got the better of us and to play games meant to download and tap at screens, there were authentic Pinoy outdoor games. Children would often meet after siesta and begin a rowdy game of patintero, tagu-taguan, tumbang preso, and many more. How simple those days were!


Educational shows every morning

When children woke up then, they would be welcomed by educational shows in the morning such as Sineskwela, Hiraya Manawari, and MathTinik. Nowadays it’s a Facebook feed children see when they wake up.


The toys from childhood

Remember when yo-yos were everywhere and beyblade was at its prime? Kids would create tournaments with their beyblades fighting in huge plastic bowls. If you knew a lot of tricks with the yo-yo you were deemed as cool. Sometimes you only ever needed colorful cardboards called pogs to enjoy with your friends!


Video rental shops

Before we mere humans discovered the convenience of illegally downloading movies, video rental was what we lived for. We used to go to Video City and pick four or five CDs at a time, even discreetly looking at the adults section to see what shenanigans are in the shelf!
Now tell me, if you could bring these back, would you?


What else do you miss from the early 2000s? Share it with us below!