8 Things You Might Not Know About Celine Dion

Get to know more about the Titanic songbird!

| July 2, 2018

8 Things You Might Not Know About Celine Dion

By Danielle Dimas


We’re counting down the days until Celine Dion’s concert is live in Manila. Thanks to her participation in the promos of the much-venerated  movie   Deadpool 2   starring fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds,  Dion was once again thrust into the spotlight. As we eagerly await her live performance, we have listed 8 fun facts about Dion, even her fans might not have heard of yet.

1. Her name actually came from a song.

Celine’s parents named her after a popular song by French singer Hugues Aufray, which was recorded two years before our songstress was born. Well, she was definitely born for music!


2. Her first recording contract was signed when she was 12.

Celine was already entertaining people through her music at an early age. She has amazed customers of the piano bar that her parents opened, and eventually wrote a song for a demo tape which paved the way for her first recording contract.


3. She received an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

Never finishing high school, Dion was more than overwhelmed when The University Laval in Quebec City granted her an honorary doctorate in music last 2008. Yes, you can call her Dr. Dion!


4. She was the youngest among 14 siblings.

Born on March 30, 1968 to Adhemar and Therese, Celine completed the jewels of the Dion family.