8 Things You’ll Realize as a Working Adult

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8 Things You’ll Realize as a Working Adult

No one taught you these in school.

| November 3, 2017

8 Things You’ll Realize as a Working Adult

By Kyzia Maramara

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Nobody stays in their teenage years forever no matter how hard they wish. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself lost in the jungle of the adult world. If you think you’re prepared for it, think again, most adults even have no clue on what they’re doing with their life until now. You’re no exception. You’ve never been more of an adult as you are right now in this very moment so here are 8 realizations that might help you navigate the dangerous waters better.

1. There will be no more spontaneous class suspensions to look forward to

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One of the few things that bring a student joy is the news of suspension. It might be due to the weather, a national holiday, or an event in the area, the point is they won’t have classes for that particular day. For working adults, spontaneous suspensions don’t really apply. Heck for some all kinds of suspension don’t apply! You’re an adult, you’re now invincible. You are waterproof, transportation strike proof, and sometimes even holiday-proof!


2. The hardest part in a first job is finding it

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The hunt for that first job will frustrate you. Here you are hungry to show the world what you can do and yet nobody seems to recognize what you’re capable of. There might be long months where you’re jobless and hopeless but as cliché as it might sound, you have to keep going. Submit those resumes and believe in yourself and you’ll find that you’ll land that first job. And in all the hardships you’ve been through to get that job you’ll value it more and work hard because you know it’s worth the wait.


3. Some friendships are meant to end naturally and without any hard feelings involved

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There are people from your class that you know as soon as you throw those graduation caps in the air you’ll never see them again. You’ve both accepted that fact. But there are also friendships that gradually dissipate throughout the years after school and it will make you sad but there’s nothing you can do. There’s that quote that some friendships are there for a reason, some for a season, and others for a lifetime. Maybe that particular friend doesn’t have any roles to play in your life anymore and that’s okay.


4. When life gives you problems, you’re meant to solve it by yourself and you can actually solve it by yourself

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Being thrown into the adult world might disorient you for a while. After depending on adults all your life you’re suddenly one – a person younger people depend on. You’re suddenly standing, no longer propped up by academic books and kind teachers and your parents’ helping hands. You need to solve problems at work on your own. What’s more startling than that fact is the fact that you actually can if you tried, you just have to remember to breathe. It’ll feel really rewarding after, trust me.

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