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8 Things You’ll Realize as a Working Adult

No one taught you these in school.

| November 3, 2017

5. You’ll miss your parents now more than ever

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I wasn’t a ‘rebel teenager’ growing up but I didn’t exactly see eye to eye with my parents either. Like any other teenager for the longest time I wanted them to leave my life alone. I could handle things, I thought. Here’s a piece of truth: you’ll find yourself missing your parents as a working adult more than ever. You’re at your 9-to-5 job and you get home late, tired, you don’t have time for them anymore. But even though you might not have time they will always be a text and a call away, always being the number one people who believed in you.


6. Every expense you make is now on you

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Even if you still live under your parents’ roof, all your expenses are on you if you’re a decent person. It’ll be embarrassing and downright wrong to let your parents continue giving you allowance from their own salaries, unless they can really afford it. But having a job and being an adult means you have to pay for your own expenses: clothes, food, bills. Life is not easy my friend, so budget it.


7. You don’t need to rush being in a relationship, enjoy what you have now

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Because think about it! If you’re in a relationship your focus will be split from family and career. You’ll realize that you don’t have to rush it because you have every faith that you’ll get there in the end. Where you are now is meant to shape you for the future so you better train your focus on improving yourself. Besides love is like a butterfly, you have to be not looking for it to settle lightly on your shoulder.


8. The perfect hangout with friends doesn’t necessarily have to involve bars and booze

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A day away from the city, feeling the sand on your toes and just eating a quiet breakfast with your friends is sometimes all the inspiration you need. You might enjoy the rowdy bar and drinking scene but the serenity of a quick getaway is infinite times better.


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