8 “This Is America” Memes (To Distract You From What It Actually Means)

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8 “This Is America” Memes (To Distract You From What It Actually Means)

This is us.

| May 23, 2018

8 “This Is America” Memes

(To Distract You

From What It Actually Means)

By Kel Fabie

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By now, you’ve probably heard and seen Childish Gambino’s much-ballyhooed video, “This Is America.” If you’re a Filipino watching the video, it definitely doesn’t have quite the same impact on us, given how different the Filipino experience is from the African-American experience. And before we could take a closer look at the song, in came the memes.

See, there’s nothing wrong with memes. We at the 8List love us some memes, but diminishing the importance of this song and video by diluting it with memes is a disservice to the original message and precisely the point:  here we are again, using entertainment to distract ourselves from the reality. So in compiling these memes, both funny and meh, we took it upon ourselves to give you the best of both worlds.

8. This Is Library

The Gag: In a fakeout to “This Is America,” this video ends with “this is library.” There are multiple variaitons of this joke, including a “This is Sparta” and “This is Patrick (Starfish)” one. Yes. We are explaining the jokes here.

Made You Miss: The fact that the old man getting shot in the opening of the video is often mistaken for Trayvon Martin’s dad. If it were him, the video would be even deeper than it already is. But mistaking a black man for another black man even when they don’t look anything alike is also unintentionally making this video deeper than it already is.

Now he knows how Samuel L. Jackson feels.


7. Awitin Mo, At Isasayaw Ko Remix

The Gag: Ever heard of “Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything?” The idea was that every single video would go well with Guile’s music from Street Fighter II. Every odd-numbered video in this list is the inverse of that, making it “This Is America’s Music Goes With Everything.” As we can see here, clearly.

Makes You Miss: Someone jumping to his death in the video. Because you’re too busy looking at the crazy dancing.

Not only time flies when you’re having fun.


6. Useless Duck Baby Bottle Robot

The Gag: The classic Baby Bottle Robot from Useless Duck is synced with “This Is America’s” opening.

Makes You Miss: That the weird poses Childish Gambino is doing is channeling none other than the Jim Crow persona itself.

The minstrel strikes back.


5. Call Me Maybe Remix

The Gag: The first remix that really went viral. This also sparked the debate of whether or not we should make memes about the song in the first place.

Makes You Miss: Just how gingerly those guns Childish Gambino handles are treated. It’s almost like they care more about guns than people. Huh.

Ummm… boom?