8 Times Buy and Sell Helped Filipinos Win

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8 Times Buy and Sell Helped Filipinos Win

Feel good and win-win stories from OLX.

| January 10, 2017

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There are inspiring stories that crawl within the corners of the Internet, past all the noise and din that rise to the surface. Here, we find tales of lost-love rekindled, triumphs over adversity, and people genuinely helping one another from the goodness of their hearts. We find them in the most unusual of places, coming at us when we least expect them to.

We would never expect such feel-good stories to be found in a buy-and-sell platform such as OLX, but surprisingly we do. We are inspired by the anecdotes of buyers and sellers alike that give and gain more than what they would have thought they would, and we are moved by the joy they feel over the simplest of things.

Allow us to share with you these 8 inspiring stories we found so you too may be filled with positive vibes to start the year right.

8. Juana’s Profitable Passion Project

Juana is just like most of us who has a burning passion to create. And, like most of us, she shrugged off her passion as a mere hobby, getting a day job instead to have a steadier flow of income. But this didn’t stop her from knowing where her heart truly lied. From time to time she would seize the opportunity to indulge in arts and crafts until she gained confidence in herself to finally turn her creative outlet into a profitable business venture. She created handmade coin banks and cactus planters and began to sell them on OLX where her products were well-received. Not only was she able to thrive on her passion to create, but she was also able to earn income on the side.


7. Ardie’s Means to Start Up a Business

Starting a business required capital which wasn’t an easy feat for Ardie. He had wanted to put up his own Ready-to-Wear shop in their small barrio in Palawan for his mother to manage while he worked in the city. It was the only thing he could think of that would help make it more enjoyable for his mother who was becoming lonelier after his father passed and his siblings left home to raise their own families and pursue careers.

But Ardie didn’t have the money and he didn’t know how he was going to get the money he needed. That is until he decided to sell his unused and pre-loved items on OLX. Through a simple act such as that, he was able to raise almost Php20,000—just enough to jumpstart his small enterprise. He left his mother in charge of the store in Palawan, shipping clothes and other items whenever their in-store stock needed replenishing.

Ardie’s business continues to grow by the day, but he gained something more out of the venture: leisure and contentment for his mother.

Ardie’s business continues to grow by the day, but he gained something more out of the venture: leisure and contentment for his mother.


6. Elldon’s Answered Prayers


Elldon had been in a quandary: his midterms were coming up and he had yet to pay his tuition fee for the semester. He was a student who provided for himself; but being a student, he didn’t know where he could get the money to pay his dues. Anyone who would have been in his shoes would immediately call a relative or friend for help, but Elldon simply refused to. He didn’t want to owe anything to anyone. So he tried to find his own means of acquiring money and eventually decided to put up his pre-loved Instax Mini 8 for sale on OLX.

Initially, he had to endure weeks of no responses to his ad and he grew more and more fearful over the uncertainty. But he wasn’t going to let it bring him down. With only a few days left before his midterms, his prayers (and OLX ad) were finally answered, and he was able to get the money he needed.


5. CJ’s Conquered Fears


CJ will be the first to tell you that he is not a people person. He was extremely introverted since childhood, shying away from conversations with strangers and getting into trouble with his father for never completing errands that involved social interaction. Even if he wanted to, he just couldn’t bring himself to speak with strangers from fear over potential rejection and embarrassment.

But OLX sparked an accidental change within him. From buying and selling products on the online platform, he eventually had to interact with people he didn’t know. But instead of running away from it, he faced his fears and learned how to communicate with others. And slowly he emerged from his shell, surprised by how effortlessly he spoke with strangers.

Inspired by his newfound skill, he plans to take up a Communications course in college to hone his skill even further so he could pursue his dream of starting a business in the future.