8 Times Buy and Sell Helped Filipinos Win

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8 Times Buy and Sell Helped Filipinos Win

Feel good and win-win stories from OLX.

| January 10, 2017

4. K-Anne’s Third Chance


In the age of the technology, there’s little incentive to bury our noses on printed books for leisurely reading. K-Anne thinks otherwise. She believes that books are like time capsules that contain remnants from the past within its pages.

Her beloved set of Collier’s Junior Collection Encyclopedia is one of those time capsules connecting her to her childhood. She had grown up reading every volume from cover to cover at her grandparents’ house instead of playing with her toys. But when a fire burned down half of the house, she had lost her collection and, with it, an important piece of her life.

But time has its way of returning what had been lost. After more than a decade since the fire, K-Anne stumbled upon a Junior Classics set on OLX—all in mint condition for a bargain price of Php1,000. She didn’t have to think twice about purchasing it. She had wanted to share a significant piece from her childhood to her 2-year-old son in hopes that he would feel the same happiness and wonder she had felt at his age.

It was a celebration short-lived because, after just two years, Typhoon Ondoy swept the collection away leaving K-Anne and her son completely heartbroken. But by some stroke of luck, K-Anne discovered the encyclopedia set on sale once again on OLX.  Now, with her 2 sons, K-Anne reads and rereads her childhood favorite, reliving old memories and making new ones over a shared joy of literature.


3. Wacks’ Serendipitous Meeting


Wacks, a photo hobbyist, never thought he would get what he got from a mere ad he posted of his pre-loved DSLR battery on OLX. All he wanted was extra cash, but he received more than what he asked—a new friend and a photography gig!

Wacks’ buyer had been a freelance photographer in need of an extra battery pack. Upon meeting up, both had indulged in a pleasant conversation about photography. The day after the sale, he was invited over by his buyer (and newfound friend!) to cover an event with other freelance photographers who generously gave Wacks advice to pursue his passion and hone his skills. And from then on, Wacks was inspired to turn his hobby into a career—all because of a fateful transaction over a pre-loved battery pack.


2. Ron’s Discovery of a Lost Treasure—Twice

When Ron saw his dad reluctantly part with their 1983 Mercedes Benz W123 during a health scare in the 90s, he thought it would be the last he’ll ever see the car again. Lo and behold, he found that same car being advertised in OLX a few years later. Ron had been out of the country then, so he had asked a friend to make an offer for it. There had been no response after first contact, and Ron’s heart sunk when the advertisement had been pulled out.

That is until the ad for the car reappeared after a while. This time, Ron made sure he would get the car, fix it back up, and give his father the greatest birthday surprise. He was so ecstatic over reuniting with a significant part of his family’s lives in the past that he even shared his story and documented the car’s restoration at Power Wheels Magazine!


1. The Baconeers and their Vehicle for Change

In a story they shared in the November 2016 issue of Speed Magazine, Alfie Agunoy, Francis Sta. Romana, and Paul Quiambao—collectively called the Baconeers—fell in love with a perfectly functioning 1969 Volkswagen Kombi on OLX at first sight. It was the perfect road warrior that would help the trio to finally fulfill their dream and explore the undiscovered parts of the country.

Aboard their new purchase they lovingly call Cupcake, the Baconeers set out on their adventure, but knew they also needed to make a social impact instead of merely embarking on a road trip. So they set out with an added goal: to reach far-flung areas and provide solar lamps to those without access to electricity. With a renewed sense of purpose aboard their trusty Kombi, they were able to carry out their epic excursion and bring light to the lives of people who have grown accustomed to the darkness.

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