8 Times Films Said “I love you” Better

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8 Times Films Said “I love you” Better

For the hopeless romantics.

| February 7, 2017

8 Times Films

Said “I love you” Better

By Eldrin Veloso

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To paraphrase Snow Patrol: these three words are said too much but not enough. Maybe, it’s the way ‘love’ has been used too frequently that it somehow lost its meaning.

Come to think of it, the best way to say “I love you” is being able to say it without using the word itself. These three words can be said to anyone – from best friends to pizza – but it’s nothing compared to a composer who hasn’t written a song for years saying, “I wrote this for you.” From your shared experiences, dynamic personalities, or deep connection, there would be a sweeter way of expressing your feelings than the mainstream four-letter word.

And these 8 movie lines have shown us just that.


The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Those who weren’t able to relate to the giddiness between Hazel Grace and Augustus’ late night phone call maybe haven’t felt the sweet nonsense of just repeating words while saying goodbye. Who knew a single word such as ‘okay’ can be one of the most romantic lines? For a couple with their own world, this word meant more than expressing love. This was them building a foundation only they can stand on.



“I luff you, two F’s”

Annie Hall (1977)

Arguably the best Woody Allen film, Annie Hall anatomized a faltering relationship amidst the background of a maturing society. One of the best scenes in the film is when the lead Alvy Singer answered Annie Hall when she had asked if he loves her.

It may have been just a string of nonsense words but knowing him as a complicated and unstable writer made the lines actively plucking the heartstrings of the audience.



“Here’s looking at you, kid”

Casablanca (1942)

This proves that timing, character, and writing can make a classic movie. The line, improvised by lead actor Humphrey Bogart, was said twice. First, as an affectionate declaration of feelings from Rick, saying that he’s got his eye on Ilsa. Second, in the final scenes of the film, Rick bade his goodbye to Ilsa before joining the war. He poignantly ended this with the same line, only this time, he was looking at her for the last time.



 “It’s a self-preservation…thing”

Love Actually (2003)

There are so many heartwarming lines in this film but this one is particularly underappreciated. Mark was hopelessly in love with Juliet, his best friend Peter’s fiancée. So, he had pretended to dislike her to the point that Peter asked him to be nice to her. And on the wedding day, as if being the best man was not complicated enough, Mark was also assigned as the official videographer.

Sometime after, Juliet visited Mark at his house to finally have a look at the wedding video he kept on postponing. He had Juliet believe that he didn’t like her so she asked him to give her a chance and be friends. Then, when she saw that the wedding video was entirely just her, it finally all made sense. Mark made a petty excuse of an imaginary lunch to avoid the conversation, but not without summing up his feelings and all his past actions towards her in this simple line of admission.