8 Times the Government Made Us Say, “Nag-Effort Ka Ngunit Kulang”

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8 Times the Government Made Us Say, “Nag-Effort Ka Ngunit Kulang”

Yoko na, pagod na acoe.

| August 7, 2017

8 Times the Government

Made Us Say,

“Nag-Effort Ka

Ngunit Kulang”

By Luanne Arevalo

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well, they say. It’s not just about simply accomplishing something, but ensuring the quality of the work and the excellence of the output. Unfortunately, it seems people in the government do not go by this principle, with its careless efforts in serving the people. The proof is all around us, and we’re left to suffer its consequences.

This Notice of Hearings announcement.

This lengthy announcement looks really important. We’re not sure who the intended readers are, but we’re guessing they’re people who are really tall (to be able to read that high up without straining your neck), have really good vision (to be able to zoom in on those small letters with hanging wires blocking the view), and are daredevils (the street below usually has a lots of cars passing through).


This police outpost.

Police visibility? Got it! Check out this police outpost near Pioneer. It looks like it’s about to give, but hey, at least there’s a place you can run to when you need some assistance, right?


This greenery along EDSA.

We appreciate the effort to put plants, but maybe a bit of maintenance would be good too? This island in the middle of a busy highway could’ve been a refreshing view amid the traffic, but the messy array of plants looks as tired and as unkempt as we are after a long day’s work.


That sign behind the trees.

This sign looks like it bears a really useful reminder but how to read it po? Paging the person who put this up: you had one job!