8 Times We Traveled Back in Time During Playback Music Festival

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8 Times We Traveled Back in Time During Playback Music Festival

Now that’s what I call music!

| February 13, 2018

When Rivermaya Brought Out All the Hits

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From “Awit Ng Kabataan” to “Elisi”, Rivermaya showed everyone why they’re considered as one of the greatest Pinoy rock bands of all time.


When Vertical Horizon Gave Us an Epic Performance

One of the highlights of the festival was Vertical Horizon’s energetic and crowd-pleasing performance. The band performed their hits “Everything You Want”, “Best I Ever Had”, and “You’re A God” in front of an exuberant crowd. The crowd even sang Happy Birthday to Matt Scannell, the band’s lead singer, who was celebrating his birthday the day of the festival.


When (the ever GORGEOUS) Blue Sang their Hearts Out…

Lee, Duncan, Antony, and Simon; the guys were back once again to perform in front of their Filipino fans, and they didn’t disappoint! Seeing the boys perform like they used to in the early noughties literally made us feel like it’s 2004 again.


…And Sang Songs that Made Our Knees Weak A Decade Ago

Who could forget their hit songs “U Make Me Wanna”, “Best In Me” (best in me!!!), and “One Love”? We definitely fell in love with Lee when he was serenading us.


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