8 Times We Unintentionally Bully Someone

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8 Times We Unintentionally Bully Someone


| April 25, 2017


8 Times We Unintentionally

Bully Someone

By Cel Ortega


Nobody likes bullies. They were the bane of our existence when we were much younger, when they’d steal our toys or make fun of our outfit.

We don’t become free of these bullies even as we grow older; we just become much more able to fight back. At the same time, though, they just become much more vicious.

Yeah, nobody likes bullies. But no one can admit to not having bullied someone at least once in their life whether it had been intentional or not. Sadly, we wait for articles like this or shows like 13 Reasons Why to remind ourselves why we should be more mindful of our actions or to be much kinder to other people. Nevertheless, here are just a few things you probably did or are doing that you might not realize are hurting someone you know.

Calling out your SO for being “stupid”


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Just because you’re in a relationship with them doesn’t mean they have to know everything that goes on in your head. It’s unfair to them when you call them something derogatory just because of a slip up. Even when it’s said in jest, it could hurt their confidence. Being in the heat of the moment is no reason to say mean things even if you didn’t mean it.


Making fun of someone’s taste


“Eww, you like K-Pop lol!” Don’t be surprised if some people get defensive over comments like that. They’re not being “overly sensitive”; they’re probably just sick and tired of people judging and ridiculing their taste in music, movies, and clothing that differs from the majority.


Interrogating a new hire at work


Imagine being overwhelmed with questions about your personal life by people you just met at work. It’s terrifying and stress-inducing, especially since you’re making yourself vulnerable to judgement. If you just genuinely want to know more about the person, do it in a nicer and less threatening way. Build a trusting friendship before you overwhelm them with revealing questions.


Bumping up old photos of friends on social media


Not everyone wants to be reminded of how they looked and acted how many years ago. While those who actively participate in social media “bump wars” can take a bit of teasing, there are others who don’t want to be embarrassed in a public space.