8 Tips for Aspiring Writers in the Philippines

Keep reading, keep writing.

| July 10, 2018

4. Practice every day


If athletes need to train each day to get better, or if singers need to practice their vocal cords every few hours to remain on point, then the same principle applies to writing. In order to become confident in your abilities – and confidence is the key to writing great works – you need to hone your skills as much as you can, so it becomes like second nature to you. Even if it’s just a simple journal entry, take the opportunity to write every day in order to be the best you can be.


3. Find interesting, unique topics


No one wants to read the same stuff every day. Moreover, in an era where websites are publishing articles left and right, the time you spent working on something might go to waste because another writer already posted the same piece the day before. Be as unique and interesting as possible, and you will have a viewership.


2. Dare to be different


No one ever made a difference by staying the same. If that means you might ruffle some feathers or don’t get so along with co-writers during an event, that’s fine. After all – you’re doing what’s best for your career.


1. Be fearless


Why? Because fortune favors the brave. So go out there and be courageous.


What other tips do you have? Share them with us below!