How to Survive

the 2nd Mercury Retrograde

of 2018

By Therese Aseoche

To all those of you who are avid readers of all things related to astrology, then it will probably fill you with dread when you remember that the second retrograde of the year is coming in a few days, which will coincide with yet another fire sign: Leo!

Coinciding with a sign that is known for its pride and ego, this Mercury Retrograde can cause you to get into frequent misunderstandings, unwittingly act selfishly and impulsively, and can also burn you out if you aren’t careful with your thoughts and actions.

And so, to help you survive this oncoming trouble in your stars, here are a few tips to survive:

Remember: it’s not all about you

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Since Leo is characterized mainly for its pride and ego, this Mercury retrograde will greatly affect these aspects of your life. This can eventually get you into a handful of arguments with people who don’t see things your way or who are at odds with you. Remember that you’re not always right and that it isn’t always about you. Share the spotlight with somebody else when they deserve it.

Don’t lose friends for your ego

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You will find yourself reevaluating your friendships with certain people at this time too, especially with those who attempt to clash with you. Take extra care in determining whether you’re letting go of people because of their toxicity or because of your hurt pride.

Think before you act

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Impulsiveness is a trademark fire sign trait which means you have to be extra careful this time when making big decisions. Always think twice before signing a deal, or buying make-up and skincare online, or booking that expensive trip abroad.

Be careful of what you say

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Part of that trademark impulsiveness is saying what’s on your mind which can either help or hurt you and others around you. Don’t be carried away by your emotions; always reflect on what you have to say first before you say it.

Talk things through

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Communication is of utmost importance at this time too. Don’t make assumptions or jump to conclusions; talk things through, make an effort to listen, and make your point clear without yelling or sounding b****y.

Control your temper

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Most of all, control your temper! Fire signs go ablaze quite easily so you will definitely feel yourself getting irked, annoyed, and angered much quicker than usual. But don’t let this misplaced aggression get to you. Just remember to give yourself a few minutes to pause and breathe to clear your mind and calm your nerves.

Work on old ideas

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Leos are also known to be creative souls, so there’s a possibility that you will remember old ideas you’ve had and old passion projects you’ve put in the pipeline. Take this time to rekindle your passion and pick up those old projects again!

Take breaks

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Fire signs may go up in flames easily, but they are also quick to burn out. This Mercury retrograde, you will feel yourself getting tired and losing motivation much easily. When that happens, don’t be afraid to take a break and a breather. Meditate if you can! Once you find inner calm, you can take on tasks with a renewed mind and spirit.


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