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8 Tips to Jumpstart Your Side Hustle

A manual to start the year right.

| January 2, 2017


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8 Tips to Jumpstart Your Side Hustle

By Therese Aseoche


Many working Millennials today are torn between raking in huge amounts of cash and pursuing their passion. While “doing what you love” is advice often given to us, we can’t help but consider our financial situation. So we do “side hustles” instead—or sideline work pursued outside a 9-to-5 job—to get the best of both worlds. From freelance writing to event photography to being an Uber driver—there’s no limit to what one can do to supplement their income.

But while side hustles are great for self-fulfillment, they’re not that easy to pull off. Before you jump into the trend, take note of these tips to successfully start your side hustle while you’re still employed.

8. Set boundaries.


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You have to make sure that the side gig you want doesn’t conflict with your current job. If you’re an online writer, don’t be a part-time editor for another website. Not only does it defeat the purpose of having a side hustle (because you’re basically doing the same thing), but it also raises a red flag to your day job employers.


7. Don’t sacrifice quality of work of one job for the sake of the other.


You might think you’re a pro at juggling two tasks at the same time, but juggling two different jobs for an extended period shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s not a question of where to find time to do both, but when you should be doing either. Be a professional and don’t do work related to your side hustle during your 9-to-5 job. Similarly, you need to assess your schedule during your off-hours to know if a side hustle is feasible for you.


6. Make sure your side hustle is something you’re truly passionate about.


The reason you have a side hustle is so you can pursue your interests and earn money from it. If you take on a freelancing gig that you don’t like very much, then you’ll really feel overworked. Do what you love and enjoy it so that your side hustle feels more like “me time” rather than a sideline job.


5. Tell your boss.


It’s vital that you tell your day job boss about your side gig so they’re aware of what you’re doing during your off-hours. Who knows, your boss might offer to help you look for suppliers and clients!