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8 Tips to Survive Your Thesis

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| May 3, 2017

8 Tips to Survive Your Thesis

By Nicole Ganglani

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It isn’t easy to escape college. Well, for those who are under a Bachelor’s degree in Science, before one graduates, one requirement they have to complete is their thesis. Dubbed as the hardest requirement in college, finishing your thesis is indeed not an easy task,  but that doesn’t mean you can’t pass it with flying colors. Here are 8 tips you might want to know if you’re currently or about to take your thesis.

1. Embrace the challenge

Yes. It’s going to be hard, strenuous even, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Embrace the task ahead and remember to always give your 100%.


2. Invest on empirical or research studies

They will be your best friends. It’s not a joke that majority of what you write on your thesis is past researchers and studies, so do your best and go around libraries to look for those jewels. Don’t always settle for what you find in the Internet, but instead go back in time and hit up libraries around town.



3.Think ahead

While writing your thesis, make sure that the flow of your paper is good. Make an outline so it’s easier and you don’t have to end up revising and making sure everything is coherent. Before writing everything, known where and when to insert the corresponding details for the paper. It’s important to work smart.


4. Take it one step at a time

There’s no need to rush, it’s like learning to fly, or falling in love. Okay, not really, but your thesis may seem overwhelming especially when you’re actually writing it. Nevertheless, one tip is to concentrate on the corresponding task at hand first and do put all your effort there before moving on to the next. Write drafts,  don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s part of perfecting your paper.