8 Trends From The Early 2000s That You’ve Probably Forgotten About

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8 Trends From The Early 2000s That You’ve Probably Forgotten About

When we were 17 years younger.

| April 20, 2017

8 Trends From the Early 2000s

That You’ve Probably

Forgotten About

By Wincy Aquino Ong

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Is it already time for a throwback? Has it been that long?

Granted it’s only been 17 years since the turn of the century, Holy Week is always a good time for reflection, for looking back, right?

Hmm, the Aughts started late. There was still this spillover from the ‘90s during the early half of the decade (2000 to 2004), so you can say that these were very awkward years when it came to fashion, technology, and pop culture—amongst many things.

And come on, we were just getting started on a new millennium. Things were scary, uncertain, and of course, awkward.

Sit back, relax, as we take a DeLorean ride to that strange era. Here are 8 trends you’ve probably forgotten about. Let’s jog your memory.

The kahon

Women would swoon at the sight of the drummer who’d sit down on a wooden box and slap his palms against it. Yep, this percussion instrument from Peru was hot stuff back then.

Believe it or not, this box provided the backbeats to every hot genre back then, from acoustic pop to bossa nova to reggae to—gasp!—even rap-metal.



Sure, there were other food crazes back then like pearl shakes and flame-grilled burgers. But who could forget sisig-mania?

Chopped pig’s ears reached critical mass. Families flocked to places like Dencio’s, Gerry’s Grill, and Giligan’s Island. Diehard fans went to under-the-radar haunts such as Aysee.


Genre-specific compilation albums

Via Noisey

Before Spotify playlists, we had these.

For 120 pesos, you could buy pirated CDs that collected the hits in every known genre. There was Chorus Girl for new wave. Rapper’s Delight for hip-hop. Alternative Nation for rock. The list went on and on.



That field of cogon grass in Pasig (which used to house a theme park) became one of the hippest destinations back then.

Why not? Parking was free. All the cool events happened there. All the trendiest restaurants set up shop there. There were pirated DVDs to be had on the second floor.