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8 Types of “Bros” You Meet at the Gym

Spot the douche.

| September 12, 2016

8 Types of “Bros” You Meet at the Gym

By Jaime Gonzalo

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The gym is a place of self-improvement and wellness. There are a lot of “special” type of people you will meet at the gym. What should be a healthy environment almost always seems to have its share of people that are exceptions to Darwin’s theory of Evolution. These people will either make you cringe or laugh. Whether it’s the guy who can’t seem to get enough of himself, or that noisy lifter in the bench-press, here are 8 types of “Bros” you meet at the gym:

8. The “I’m here to take Selfies” Guy


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They’re either always on their phones taking snapchats or taking pictures for their next Instagram post. Their workouts have to be posted on social media for all of the world to see or else they aren’t validated. Douchebaggery at its finest.


7. The Flexer


Yes, the guy that always flexes his muscles in front of the mirror after putting down a set of weights. You will lose count of the number of time this guy flexes – probably more than the reps he does on his weights.


6. The Grunter


“Hnnnghh” and “ooomphhg” are some of the you will hear from these gym grunters. They are probably working extra hard and that’s not that it’s a bad thing but a set of headphones and good music should ease the pain of having to hear them grunt over and over again.


5. The “Pa-Pogi”


He’s the guy who walks into the gym with a different set of branded gym clothes and electronics every day. One day you’ll see him in full Adidas, the next you’ll see him in full Nike, and then next you’ll see him strapped to a bunch of electronics that “monitor” his work outs. You both know he’s a rich kid, but he doesn’t care – he’ll flaunt it anyway.