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8 Types Of Leeches

Pautang. Bayad, alam mo na.

| July 6, 2018

8 Types Of Leeches

By Kel Fabie


Here’s a hot take: leeches suck. Leeches have always been considered pests, with the exception of when they’re used for medical purposes, where they still decidedly suck. But we don’t quite know just how ubiquitous leeches are until we recognize just how many kinds of them there are everywhere we look. Here’s 8List’s handy guide to that.

8. Freshwater leeches

The most common leeches we encounter are the freshwater leeches: parasitic leeches that we often encounter while swimming in ponds or rivers. These are the ones that really stick to us and ruin our good ol’ swimming holes, but are also often used for medicinal purposes.

Leech Rating: 8/10. They’re not the worst type of leech, given that their medicinal use is more than sufficient to make up for how much they suck.


7. Emotional leeches

Emotional leeches are the kinds of people who hang around you and never fail to make you emotionally. They are also sometimes referred to as emotional vampires or dementors, as they suck the joy out of your life by their mere presence. Think that friend who thinks peppering conversations with hugot, hugot, and even more hugot is the height of witty conversation.

Leech Rating: 7/10. Inasmuch as these emotional leeches exist, sometimes, they are genuine friends who are silently crying for help. While it would be easy to ignore them, there’s actually value in hearing them out before just brushing them off.


6. Marine leeches

Marine leeches feed on other marine life in the ocean depths, and rarely encounter human hosts for their leeching. These leeches actually tend to be very specific with their diet, eating only either bony or cartilaginous fish, but never both.

Leech Rating: 6/10 not nearly as useful as freshwater leeches for medicine, but far less likely to prey on humans, to begin with. It sorta balances out, except one has yet to ever see a genuinely aesthetically appealing leech (or do we?).


5. Backstabbing leeches

The leeches that keep asking you for help, yet when you don’t meet the lofty standards of help that they expect of you, end up badmouthing you instead.

Leech Rating: 5/10. They may be horrible now, but you normally were friends with these people for a reason first. But yeah, they still suck. Because they’re leeches, and that’s what they do.