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8 Underarm Products You’d Definitely Want to Buy for Picture-Ready Armpits Like Celebs

So you won’t feel dyahe to wear sleeveless anymore!

| April 26, 2017

8 Underarm Products

You’d Definitely Want to Buy

for Picture-Ready Armpits

Like Celebs

By Gene Loves Acosta

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If you’re one of those who are too conscious to raise their arms or even go sleeveless, then it’s about time to do something about it. Regular waxing, plucking, and shaving can darken your underarm area—and trust us when we say it’s a pretty common problem. Here, check out some of these must-haves for that extra confidence boost!

Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub

Step up your usual scrub routine by getting one that’s especially made for your underarm. This product gently removes surface dirt to reveal a smoother underarm skin. Plus, the whitening formula will also brighten any dark patches. It uses natural ingredients like apricot kernels, apple oil, papaya extract, and more, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin. (From Skin Genie, P200, Available in BeautyMNL)


Under Armed Forces Micro-Refining Peel Solution

If you haven’t tried using a peeling solution for your underarm, then you can start with this one. It’s a 2-week gentle peeling treatment that promises to give you smoother, bump-free, and whiter underarms after use. It also has mistletoe extract to inhibit hair growth and minimize the appearance of chicken skin. (From Snoe, P699, Available in


Mildy Smooth Axillary Cream

This one is an all-over body cream so aside from your underarms, you can also use it to brighten common problem areas like elbows, bikini area, and nape. You can also skip the deodorant with this product as it smells so good even after a long day! (From Pasjel, P580, Available in BeautyMNL)



Hate that sticky feeling after putting on your deodorant? Try switching to this lightweight deo-spray. It’s infused with brightening and moisturizing ingredients like Emu Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice, and Mulberry extracts which help you have that white and smooth underarms. The price is a bit steep than your usual deodorant but this one really works wonders. (From V&M Naturals, P555, Available in BeautyMNL)

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