8 Underrated OPM Artists That Deserve the Limelight

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8 Underrated OPM Artists That Deserve the Limelight

Plenty of fish in this sea.

| December 7, 2017

8 Underrated OPM Artists

That Deserve the Limelight

By Kyzia Maramara

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If you’re sad about this news, here’s a reminder that there are other better underrated artists that deserve your attention. So here’s a list of underrated artists that will serve as your reminder that OPM is still alive and kicking, better sounding, better looking, and with music that embodies the Filipino millennials now more than ever.

1. One Click Straight

Listen to: Listen, Nostalgia, Small Talk

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If you’re a fan of The 1975 then you’ll love this band for sure. One Click Straight’s songs are soulful, moving, and electronic, the kind that will heighten your feeling of being in love or possibly make you feel in love even if you aren’t. They also have a strong aesthetic that isn’t lost on all of us.


2. No Rome

Via Fader

Listen to: Seventeen, Blue Jeans

Follow them: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

There are just some music that you stumble upon while hanging out with your friends or walking alone that connects with your soul instantly. Only 22-years-old, Rome Gomez, the name behind No Rome, is doing wonders to his musical career. He flew to London to record his 15-track album with some of the tracks even rumored to be in collaboration with The 1975’s Matthew Healy. We haven’t heard any news yet but it’ll be a hit for sure.


3. Lunar Lights


Listen to: Lihim, Chasing Stars

Follow them: Facebook, TwitterInstagram

This Bulacan-based alternative rock band will make you remember your punk days. They’re perfect to listen to if you want to rock but at the same time emote. Listen to their six-track EP The Moon Landing available on Spotify and help us petition them for an album!


4. Ben&Ben

Listen to: Kathang Isip,  Leaves, Dahilan

Follow them: Facebook, Twitter,

Formerly known as The Benjamins and once a duo has now evolved into a nine-piece folk-pop band. The best time to listen to them is probably on the bus ride home when you’re tired and all you want to do is relax (with the twist of some of their songs breaking your heart). At a time and age where everything is rushed, ground yourself in the lovely tunes of Ben&Ben.