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8 Ways to Improve Your Notes

Better than doodling.

| October 11, 2017

Get creative!

Who says you can only write notes through words? Try doodling or drawing them! If you’re learning in a fun way, there’s a bigger chance of you remembering what you’re learning. You can also print out cute stickers for that extra decoration in every page.


Follow people who are great at taking notes.

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Of course you need motivation for this especially if you’re skeptical of your skills. Try following people on Instagram with such neat notes. There’s the Instagram accounts of sherstudy, Whitelines, studycrisis, and blues.


Find your preferred style.

There are people who prefer the note-taking way of just writing words while some prefer drawing. Some people prefer both. You can rock whatever option you want just as long as you get the most out of it!


Don’t just take notes, listen intently.

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The most important part of taking notes is understanding what you’re writing. We can’t have you jot down all those words and forget about it the second class ends. Take your time and review it at home, you just might find that you’ve learned a lot by all the techniques you’ve read. What better motivation than to pass those exams!


What’s your best method of note taking? Share it with us below!