8 Ways to Level Up Your Kids’ Baon

Turn this classic dishes into magical baon goodies!

| July 20, 2018

8 Ways to Level Up

Your Kids’ Baon

By 8List

Preparing our  kids’  baon is something we, as parents, love doing.   Slice up some apples, or prepare the same  sandwich with the same exact   palaman   every day.  But once in a while we find ourselves wanting to give them more. After all, we’re talking about our munchkins, our babies, our rays of sunshine!

Thankfully, levelling up your kids’   baon   is as easy as adding just one or two ingredients. Some of them may even be in your cupboard already. Check out these 8 easy recipes you can prepare for your little balls of energy. They’re so easy, you can even involve them in making these:

Oystar Fried Chicken

Of course, fried chicken is a must-have for kids. We usually batter, deep-fry, then serve them with either gravy or catsup on the side. This time, just add a dash of oyster sauce to kick these goodies up a notch. You won’t have chicken any other way after making this. Get the recipe here.


Pork Steak in Mushroom Sauce

Pork steaks are delicious and have slightly more flavor dimensions than fried chicken. All you have to do to make your steaks more flavorful is to rub them with pork seasoning granules before cooking. And the best way to complement this dish’s savory goodness and texture is to pair this with mushroom sauce. Don’t worry; it’s quite easy to make! Get the recipe here.


Chicken Nuggets

Whoever came up with the idea of turning fried chicken into bite-sized goodies should be given a medal. Talk about leveling up! But, like all good things, we can turn this into something even greater. Try this super-easy recipe to ensure that these little nuggets are bursting with flavor!

Mini Burgers

A sure-fire way to get kids excited is to serve them burgers. While it’s easy to make them, seasoning the meat can either be a hit or miss. The easy hack here is to use pork seasoning granules to boost the meaty taste of the patty. This easy recipe can be found here.