8 Ways to Return the Favor(s) this Mother’s Day


8 Ways to Return the Favor(s) this Mother’s Day

What have you done for mom lately?

| May 13, 2017

8 Ways

to Return the Favor(s)

this Mother’s Day

By  Luanne Arevalo

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Our moms have had their hands full since the day we were born. From feeding us to cleaning up after us to teaching us basic life skills, they haven’t had a lot of opportunities to take it easy. Now that we’re older, it’s time that we return the favor by doing for them some of the things they used to do (or still do) for us, and Mother’s Day is a good time to do so. While you can’t possibly repay everything your mom has done for you, you can pick a few items from the list that you can do for her.

1. Clean her house.

How many times did mom nag you to clean your room when you were younger? She has always been the one picking up after you while also ensuring that the rest of the house is spic and span, so maybe it’s time to do the same for her. Go grocery shopping for cleaning items, lure out of the house with the promise of some me-time, then scrub, scrub, scrub. She’ll appreciate getting the day off, and she’ll definitely love coming home to a clean house.



2. Make her laugh.

When you were still a baby, nothing made mom happier than seeing your toothless grin or hearing your laughter, that she’d play endless games of peek-a-boo just to make you shriek in happiness. Return the favor by making her laugh – watch a comedy with her, share funny stories that happened at work, or do something silly together like dressing up and mounting a mini concert at home. In the same way your laughter was music to her ears, it will surely make you feel awesome to hear her bellow in happiness.


3. Go for a stroll.

You may not remember your first steps, but mom sure does because she had been waiting for it and highly anticipating it. She was there to hold your hand as you took your first wobbly steps, and she guided you until you were able to manage on your own. To pay tribute, take mom out for a nice walk. It’ll also be a perfect opportunity to reminisce childhood memories with her while strolling. It may be a simple act, but she’ll surely appreciate that you took the time to be with her. Go the extra mile and bring a picnic basket.

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4. Treat her to a pamper me day.

Mom was the reason why your hair was always neat and your nails were always clean. It wasn’t an easy feat, considering how you were probably always out and about playing, but she kept at it. Do the same for her by treating mom to a “pamper me” day – haircut, manicure, foot spa, pedicure, threading – the works!