8 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Hypebeast

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8 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Hypebeast

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| February 26, 2018

8 Ways To Unleash

Your Inner Hypebeast

By Tim Henares

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Thanks to the popularity of Ex-Batallion and a bunch of other urban cultural touchstones we ripped off from African-Americans, being a “Hypebeast” is suddenly in vogue right now in the Philippines, even for people who seemingly can’t afford it.

For anyone who’s been sort of following American hip-hop culture, a “Hypebeast” is someone who dresses to impress other people. The minute that concept made its way to our neck of the woods, well, this happened…

Clearly, someone didn’t kill it with fire. It multiplied.

While it’s easy to make fun of this sub-culture (as we clearly demonstrated), it ultimately hurts nobody except if “fashion sense” were a living, breathing person. Besides, seeing as fashion is subjective, this might even be the exact style that you really, really like! We won’t judge.

In fact, here’s the Starter Pack!

 With that in mind, and with a lot of thanks(?) to Jessica Sojo, here’s how to unleash the Hypebeast in you!

Tuck your shirt in.

The first tip to any would-be Hypebeast is to tuck your shirt in. Yup: contrary to the hip-hoppers of old, you don’t want to look baggy and lousy when glamming up. The obvious exception to this rule is if you are wearing a jersey. By all means, you may keep that untucked.


Wear long socks, but never plain white ones

Unless your name is Michael Jackson, focus on the colorful ones that reflect your personality. Your socks need to be long, because you either wear long shorts, or skinny jeans that go well above your ankles.


Sneakers are game

The thing that ties the Hypebeast’s ensemble together would be their sneakers. If you have fake Jordans, fake Kobe’s, or fake LeBron’s, flaunt ‘em. But emphasis on “fake.” You’ll find out why in a bit.


Headgear preferred, but optional

Ever seen this hat?

That’s soooo mid ‘00s.

Don’t wear that, that’s totally passe. Instead, this is the hat du jour for Hypebeasts:

Much better.