8 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Hypebeast

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8 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Hypebeast

Walang basagan.

| February 26, 2018

Shades indoors? Yes, please.

This speaks for itself.

Too bad it speaks in gibberish.


Supreme reigns supreme

There’s only one “brand” to rule them all, and by “brand,” we mean cheap knockoffs…


For a brand so plain it hurts, Supreme is all over the place because they priced themselves to be high-end.  People who buy genuine Supreme products may not be getting much in the way of added quality, but a lot in the name of exclusivity. Supreme as a brand has made the mundane aspirational, and in knocking that brand off, it makes everyone special until nobody is.


Jacket in this heat? Absolutely.

The jacket is a must. The gaudier, the better. That thing you saw in the Starter Pack? Meh. Like the “Obey” cap, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Try this on for size:

If you can pull that off, you are officially a raccoon.

The jacket is an integral part of the Hypebeast’s swag. No matter how hot it gets in the Philippines, it’s the jacket that really spells out just how Hypebeast you truly are.


Don’t spend a fortune

Contrary to what you might think, a true Hypebeast wouldn’t even spend a thousand bucks on this list’s proposed ensemble. Instead of going to the department store or even to the tiangge, they would go straight to the palengke to buy their clothes, as they believe they are leveling up in fashion at the small cost of saving up their allowances (contrary to popular belief, Hypebeasts are not all cellphone snatchers).

Sure, you might laugh. But isn’t that the very same thing the so-called alta does when they stop going to Starbucks just so they can afford their LV’s and Jimmy Choos? In the end, we’re not so different, after all.


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