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8 Ways You Can Maximize the Summer Season

Adventure is out there!

| May 7, 2018

8 Ways You Can Maximize the Summer Season

By 8List

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Much as we’d like to complain about the sweltering summer heat, there is no other season wherein we’re able to indulge in so much fun as those we enjoy during summertime. And when you think about it, summer in the Philippines only lasts for a short amount of time. As such, we only have a short window of opportunity to bask and delight in the joy of summer. Let’s make the most out of it!

Here are 8 suggestions on how you can maximize the amount of fun this season:

Go Parasailing

The Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches and incredibly scenic shorelines and horizon. What better way to enjoy these natural wonders than hovering above ground! Imagine the wonderful spray of the ocean on your face, the thrill of floating above, the joy of seeing the world through a different vantage point; parasailing will give you the thrill of a lifetime!


Sunset Movie Screening

For a truly immersive beach experience, try watching a movie by the beach—alongside other holiday-seekers who, much like you, are chilling away from the urban grind.



You may think it would be ideal to go trekking on a much colder season. But it is humid in the woods no matter the season. Besides, once you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a really cool breeze, not to mention a majestic view of the world.


Ride ATVs

For those who want to take in nature views while on an adrenaline rush, try riding ATVs. In fact, some trails are impossible to traverse by foot that it would be more sensible to ride ATVs. It would be a travesty to miss out on some amazing nature views just because our feet can’t take us there. Besides, these 4-wheeled monsters are pure adrenaline machines!