8 Weird Things You Notice While Watching GMA 7’s “Sherlock Jr.”

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8 Weird Things You Notice While Watching GMA 7’s “Sherlock Jr.”

Spoiler alert: It’s no Sir Arthur Conan Doyle masterpiece.

| February 12, 2018

4. This Sherlock is also insufferable, but minus the normal “justification” we give other Sherlocks.

Ruru Madrid is more than competent in this role, but he is clearly not being written as a “high-functioning sociopath” ala Benedict Cumberbatch, or even a mildly neurotic genius like Jonny Lee Miller, or even a charming rogue like Robert Downey, Jr. Instead, he comes off as an insufferable git with daddy issues.

And clearly, a horrible attention span while driving.

It can be argued that it’s a good thing they didn’t make Sherlock super-smart here like the others, but then, that just makes him mostly a douche that we’re supposed to excuse because… he’s the lead? Don’t get me wrong, though: it’s not a knock on this Sherlock that he’s not playing according to type. We just wish his character had more nuance than the aggro-then-sweet archetype all local heartthrob actors seem wont to portray.


3. Why does nobody keep an eye on Siri?

By my count, Siri got lost in this show at least five times in a span of the first three episodes. For a bunch of people who supposedly love Siri, they’re also a bunch of idiots when it comes to object permanence.

Nice leash you’re keeping an eye on there, kid.


2. So maybe it didn’t rip off Sherlock Holmes, but…

Well, it’s good they didn’t rip much, if anything off from the recent adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. We have a blank slate we could work with, putting Sherlock Holmes into the Philippines setting – except we clearly don’t do that, because Ruru Madrid is playing Ruru Madrid, not a Pinoy Sherlock Holmes.

But considering how we have Sherlock and a dog as our main mystery-solving tandem, it seems a lot more like what we have here is..

Scooby Doo?


1. But thank heavens for…

Siri, the wonder dog (voiced by Mikee Quintos)! I could just watch her go for hours sassing everyone and everything she sees on the show.

Including herself.

While obviously, I’m not a huge fan of Sherlock, Jr. as a whole, there’s very little bad things I can say about Siri. The more of her, the better.


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