8 Women in OPM Who Ruled in the Early 2000s

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8 Women in OPM Who Ruled in the Early 2000s

They made us want to play in a band, too.

| July 20, 2017

8 Women in OPM

Who Ruled

in the Early 2000s

By Patti Sunio

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There was a time in our high school lives when OPM was at its peak, more women were coming into the scene, and everyone—girls included—suddenly wanted to be in a band.

And how could we not when we had these artists-slash-girl crushes to look up to?

BARBIE ALMALBIS (formerly of Hungry Young Poets, Barbie’s Cradle)

When you think of women in OPM, Barbie Almalbis immediately comes to mind. As fresh as she looks, her voice is breathtakingly like an angel’s, too, and no wonder she got to sing for many commercial singles, from CloseUp to SkinWhite.

Barbie Almalbis is the voice behind the super popular 90s anthem of our high school days, Torpe, while she was still with her band, Hungry Young Poets.


KITCHIE NADAL (formerly of Mojofly)

Kitchie Nadal used to be the vocalist of the band Mojofly, but it was when she went solo that definitely broke her into mainstream consciousness. Her single, Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin, was played literally everywhere.

Kitchie was a sweetheart as much as she was cool, and girls and guys alike adored her. She made us all suddenly want to pick up and learn playing the guitar!


AIA DE LEON (formerly of Imago)

Aia de Leon is the vocalist  who’s got superpowerful vocals, but sings with absolutely no effort. Or at least, that’s what she makes it look like. Especially at live performances when she sings Akap or Sundo—favorites from our high school days.



Most would probably recognize her from her brief stint hosting Eat Bulaga!, but a lot of us have been fans since she became vocalist for Mojofly, the band responsible for Mata, Minamalas, and Tumatakbo. Ever since, we’ve always loved Lougee for her spunk and attitude!