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8 Wow, Mali! Pranks that Still have Us in Stitches

Tawanan muna.

| May 11, 2017

8 Wow, Mali! Pranks

That Still Have Us

in Stitches

By Luanne Arevalo

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It’s no easy feat trying to play a prank on someone. There’s a thin line between getting laughs out of it and being just offensive. Wow, Mali!, the gag show hosted by comedian Joey de Leon on TV 5, was able to come up with the right formula that demonstrated how you don’t have to go so far for comedy’s sake. Here are some examples of how Wow, Mali! pranks that still has us in stitches.

Caution: Make sure to watch some place where laughing out loud is tolerated, and that you’re not drinking something that you might spew out of your nose – that would hurt.

1. Libreng Pasta

It’s a sure sign that something’s up when somebody asks you to close your eyes and open your mouth wide!


2. Wala Ba Kayong Mga Kamay

We need this kid of moral boost every time we pay our electricity bill, credit card bill, and house rent!


3. Bawal Pera

Vegetables have more benefits that you can imagine!


4. Tawad Pataas

Every sales person’s ideal customer: one who begs to pay a higher price!