8 YouTube Accounts to Follow So You Can Work Out While Online


8 YouTube Accounts to Follow So You Can Work Out While Online

When you want to get physical but you hate people.

| May 17, 2018

8 YouTube Accounts to Follow

So You Can Work Out

While Online

By Tim Henares

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Is that gym membership you got last January 1 languishing as early as now? Do you want to get back on track, but don’t want to spend a small fortune just to get fit? Well, with a bit of persistence, and some willingness to follow instructions, we have just the solution for you!

Here are 8 video channels to subscribe to when you need your exercise fix and variety.

8. Mahalo Dance Central

Who: An avid fan of Dance Central, dancing along to the songs in the hit series.

Workout Regimen: Dance Central  game videos.

Main Hook: Now, you can dance to the tune of some of the best calorie-burning songs the Dance Central franchise has to offer without buying a gaming console.

Main Hurdle: You need to memorize the steps to some extent, so you know how to follow what’s happening onscreen. Not recommended for first-timers with no plans of repeating songs.


7. Billy Blanks

Who: Billy Blanks is the guy who came up with TaeBo. He’s been at it for decades, and even in his ‘60s, is still hella fit.

Workout Regimen: Mostly cardio, martial arts-based moves designed to make you sweat.

Main Hook: While it’s not exactly a realistic self-defense course, TaeBo is a great way to stay fit, as Billy Blanks has managed to combine various martial arts moves into a comprehensive exercise program with a lot of variety.

Main Hurdle: The music is generic, and the exercises might seem too old-school. Remember, he’s been doing TaeBo since the late ‘80s.


6. Millionaire Hoy

Who: Millionaire Hoy is a fitness enthusiast who relies on Patreon to produce his videos.

Workout Regimen: High Impact Training: powerful, calorie-burning bursts of exercise that normally last only up to 30 minutes.

Main Hook: 500 calories burned in 30 minutes? Yes, please.

Main Hurdle: Considering how many “modified” exercises he offers per program, it’s clear that his material is very challenging, especially since a lot of them are pushup variations.


5. Jordan Yeoh

Who: A fitness enthusiast with a huge following.

Workout Regimen: High Impact Training.

Main Hook: Same as Millionaire Hoy, but with a hot Asian dude (as opposed to an average Asian dude in #8).

Main Hurdle: He’s distractingly gorgeous, and the author of this list is a straight guy.