8 Other 80s and 90s Childhood Toys that Deserve a Make-Over

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8 Other 80s and 90s Childhood Toys that Deserve a Make-Over

If Barbie got a revamp, these toys deserve one too.

| February 17, 2016

8list-childhood-toys-makeover-header8 Other
80s and 90s Childhood Toys
that Deserve a

By Jaime Gonzalo

Kids that grew up before the new millennium have their own reasons for being happy with their childhoods–primarily because they got to grow up playing outside instead of with tablets. Kids today are so glued to their screens, whether they’re phones, tablets or video game consoles, that it’s become alarming. Less and less kids go out to play sports or do something interactive, but we can’t really blame them. Times have changed.

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, recently gave the toy a makeover in an attempt to keep up with aforementioned changing times. It’s a step in the right direction, and other toy makers from the 80s and 90s would do well to follow in their stead. Here are 8 other childhood toys that deserve a revamp.


8. Super Soakers


Gone are the days off seeing kids soaking each other with water guns on the yard. What ever happened to the good old water gun? Super Soakers were the best water guns because of their capacity and the distance they could shoot water. Imagine how the creators could make much guns today if they tried. With modern technology, we could be looking at water machine guns and rocket balloon launchers. We live in the future, people.


7. Bop It


This reaction game was super frustrating for the kids that played it. It could even be used by adults at parties as a drinking game. It was basically an audio toy that required players to respond to a command. A comeback of this game would be great for kids to practice awareness and patience. Add a little more commands and brighten up the look and there you go–Bop It 2!


6. Laser Challenge


Why pay to play laser tag in a mall when you could play at home? Back before Barney Stinson triggered a revival in interest, kids around the world had this awesome toy called Laser Challenge. It basically came with vests and “laser” guns. No rules, nothing. Kids got the idea and played what would eventually become laser tag. Imagine if they came back with a better version with better receptors, sounds and design. Now, that would be awesome.


5. Tamiya


Tamiyas were friggin’ awesome. Assemble your own car and race against friends or even complete strangers. It was simple, but people who indulged in this hobby can tell you how competitive it really was. There were hundreds of different cars to choose from. There was also the option of painting your own designs, as well as the option to modify your car to get better chances at winning races. It was crazy, but it was good. They don’t really have to change anything, but they’re mostly treated as collectors items and kits these days. It would be great if they were back at a more accessible price range, so that tracks in malls could make a comeback as well!