Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 Controversial Housemates: Where Are They Now?

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Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 Controversial Housemates: Where Are They Now?

The cast that set the tone for future PBBs.

| November 17, 2016


Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 Controversial Housemates:

Where Are They Now?

By Tynne De Leon


Known for being the most liberated, the first season of Pinoy Big Brother was definitely one of the franchise’s best, even after 11 years has passed. It was the season the housemates did not even know where all the cameras were (and they did not care) so they never hesitated to fully express themselves. They were even allowed to smoke inside, then!

It has been 11 years since the first batch left the house; some of them we still see on TV, some chose to step out of the limelight. Read on to find out what they are up to now.

8. Jason Gainza


Since he left bahay ni kuya, Jason Gainza has been making us laugh with his funny impersonations. Known as the resident prankster of the house, Jason won as the second big placer and eventually became a Star Magic talent. He’s now one of ABS-CBN’s comedians and has appeared in a lot of their shows and teleseryes, even-co-hosted a travel show. His long years in the show business has earned him some major awards, including Best Travel Show Host for Trip na Trip in 2008 and Best Comedy Actor for Banana Split just last year.


7. JB Magsaysay


While JB lasted only 35 days in the house, he immediately made an impact with the audience because of his charming looks. He also became popular because of his short-lived romantic relationship with his co-housemate, Say Alonzo. After being evicted, he appeared on some shows of the three big networks in the country. He also entered local politics in 2007, but lost (though he did become a Barangay Captain). He completely left the show business after 2009.

In 2012, he married Maripaz Ortega, mother of actress Coleen Garcia.


6. Sam Milby


While he was not one of the original 12, Sam easily became a crowd favorite because of his handsome looks. He wrote a poem inside the house which eventually turned into the song, “Magmahal Muli.” After his PBB stint, he went from being an actor and recording artist to being the one of the most sought-after showbiz leading men and brand endorsers. He’s also won a lot of major awards for his singing and acting.


5. Cassandra Ponti


Cass was the resident cook of the house. She was so caring of her co-housemates that she even volunteered to leave the house just to let Franzen stay. She won as the third big placer on the Big Night and has since modeled for the local FHM, Maxim and Playboy magazines. She also starred on some movies and television shows, but left the limelight shortly after.

According to a 2015 interview of Bandila with Say Alonzo, Cass has since married and has a kid.