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A Timeline Of Nyeam: The Rise And Fall of Xian Gaza

A cautionary tale.

| July 3, 2018

A Timeline Of Nyeam:

The Rise And Fall

of Xian Gaza

By Kel Fabie


By now, people would only vaguely remember Xian Gaza, the face, and voice that launched a thousand memes. First achieving great notoriety sometime last year, his farcical struggle to stay relevant recently came to a tragicomic close when he was sentenced to five years in prison for issuing bouncing checks.

The kicker? He broke the news on his Facebook while already in prison. Truly, the poster child for narcissism if we ever needed to replace Narcissus himself.

But how could something so pathetic come to such a sad conclusion? Well, perhaps it would help if we took a look at the timeline (yes, there is one)…

8. Haiyan Shirts: 2013-2014

It was alleged by one Dewanie Catapang that in the aftermath of Yolanda, Xian Gaza approached him to do a fundraising project by selling shirts. Catapang alleged that this project never pushed through, and payments simply stopped coming, not to mention that Xian capped all of this off by flirting with Dewanie. Xian, on the other hand, defended himself by saying it was a result of his business partners reneging on the project, and that he ate a 300,000 PhP loss because of that. The shirts, all 2,000 of them, ended up being distributed to charities, instead of being sold, according to Gaza.

Ramifications: The signs are all there – business failures, and conspicuously, over what was supposed to be a good cause, no less. Either you have a scammer or one of the unluckiest guys on earth.


7. Filipino Vines and Ella Cruz: 2016

In 2016, a Ryan Tanada alleged that Xian scammed him over Filipino Vines, an endeavor Xian Gaza claims he entered but ended up being bankrupted by. The same year, Xian supposedly stalked actress Ella Cruz, and even tried to impress her by buying a Fortuner from her mom but not pushing through with it. Xian countered this by sharing multiple photos and even a video of Ella and Xian being sweet with each other, pointing out that they had a thing, so he wasn’t just some lovestruck fan.

Ramifications: The pattern repeats itself – more business failures, reneging on deals after the fact, and a general obliviousness to approaching women. Still, everything is merely hearsay, and still in the realm of defensible.


6. The Power Move: 04 June 2017

Xian went mildly viral in June last year when he countered a “Power Move” from a network marketing guy with one of his own.

5. The Billboard: 03 July 2017

We all know the story to this by now.

Part publicity gimmick, and part audition for a new reality show we just thought of called “Pinoy Serial Killer Idol,” Xian Gaza thrust himself into national consciousness with this over-the-top gesture that Erich Gonzales (wisely) declined.

Ramifications: In hindsight, we realize that this move was less about Erich and more about Xian. For him, no publicity was bad publicity. It was all in the aid of promoting himself as some kind of brand, and it wouldn’t take long for us to see exactly that.