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A Timeline Of Nyeam: The Rise And Fall of Xian Gaza

A cautionary tale.

| July 3, 2018

4. The Nyeam Meme: 05 July 2017

The minute Fashion Pulis posted the video clip of Xian Gaza gawking at the Siem Reap temple in Cambodia, a meme was born. Armed with the battleycry of “Nyeeeeeeaaaaaammmm,” Xian Gaza became a laughing stock, parodied and imitated to no end. Inevitably, the remix came along, catapulting him to “Bedroom Intruder” and Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” levels of infamy, at least in the Philippines.

Ramifications: Insult him all you want, but Mr. Gaza got exactly what he wanted at this point – attention. And boy, did he get it in spades. He knew people would kill to see him watch the remix and see his reaction to it – which he did, and he capitalized on “Nyeeeeaammm” sooner than you can say “sellout.” Well, two can play this game, wink wink.

3. Stabs at Relevance: Rest of 2017

From talking about a supposed Bitcoin scam and claiming he had a 5M bounty on his head (and fleeing the country), to asking random celebrities out for coffee, to saying something, anything, just to end up on the news, Xian tried it all. Unfortunately for him, none of it stuck, and he was every bit as relevant as Xander Ford is today.

Ramifications: Mr. Gaza may not have anticipated that his notoriety would last shorter than a hypebeast’s list of good songs they actually listen to, and thus scrambled to find a way to stay in the public’s consciousness. For what reason? Some might say he still wanted investments. But with all the negative press he got since the Billboard episode, why would he want all that negative attention especially around his very spotty and very recent past? In the end, it’s all plain narcissism, because none of his actions made any sense unless viewed through that lens. All that self-love, none of the self-awareness. What a combination.


2. Xian Gaza Arrested then Bailed: 12-15 April 2018

With over two million pesos in money owed to two investors for a cafe, Xian Gaza got arrested this April for the Bouncing Check Law, aka estafa. He managed to get bail, and even offered the shirt he wore when he surrendered for auction for 9,000 PHP. In a bizarre turn, he even took the time out to castigate the network marketing people, despite coming from that very same industry and taking their techniques to the logical but illegal extreme.

Ramifications: If Xian had a legal team, they’d be slapping their foreheads in frustration at his antics. Alternating between repentant and jubilant, Mr. Gaza was essentially locking himself in prison and throwing away the key with his careless pronouncements. But whatever, he’s finally “relevant” again, right?


1. Xian Gaza Convicted: 28 June 2018

Sentenced to five years and six months in prison, Xian Gaza’s Facebook profile now reads: 24, Single, Guilty. And yes, he managed to put the court decision (which came faster than you normally expect) on Facebook!
But he still wasn’t done. Xian then found the time to lecture about karma, and to make jokes about his situation, but at no point does any semblance of genuine remorse or even self-awareness shine through. Xian Gaza has gone full social climber, and while we’d love to point and laugh, we can’t help but wonder WTF happened.

Ramifications: True to his predictable nature, Xian’s actions after conviction indicate that he’s still interested in being talked about and paid attention to. Inasmuch as this 8List has done just that (dammit), let this be the last time we listen to *that* specific cry for attention. This should tide him over as he strokes his prison bars at night.