I Need an Adult, But I Am an Adult: Realizations You Have While Adulting

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I Need an Adult, But I Am an Adult: Realizations You Have While Adulting

It haaard.

| April 27, 2016

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I Need an Adult, But I Am an Adult: Realizations You Have While Adulting
By Kevin Christian L. Santos

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to grow up? You’ll be able to do all kinds of grown up stuff like party, be free and independent and go to bed whenever you damn please? However, things start to get serious in your mid-20s. Work becomes a bigger priority and you start thinking harder about your future and your goals. You can’t party as hard as you used to and you risk having the dreaded two-day hangover.


It’s at this time you transform into an adult-ier you, ditching your past carefree self as you try to make a mark in the real world. You may not know what you’re doing half the time, but it’s ok. You’re not alone.

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When you start adulting, there’s no going back and you just need to keep moving forward. And it’s going to be okay. Once you put on your grown-ass person pants, you start to realize these things:

8. Friday nights are sacred

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With all the hustling, grinding, overtime work mixed with your sweat and tears, you gain a bigger appreciation for Friday nights. It’s not just about partying anymore. It’s about treating yourself because dammit, you earned it. Sometimes, you get excited to go home and do absolutely nothing.

Do you want to get a massage? Sleep for 12 hours? Who cares, treat yourself because you deserve it.

7. Being an adult isn’t as fun as you thought

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You thought you were going to be independent at a certain age. You’d have a car, a house, and be financially stable and travel the globe. The world was your oyster. You soon realize that that’s not the case as the realities of life slaps you hard in the face.

The reality? BILLS. RESPONSIBILITIES. You start appreciating your favorite childhood memory more, which was not having to pay bills. You realize that being an adult is all about juggling your responsibilities while also doing the things that make you happy. It’s all about that balance. There are times when you just sit back and reflect and be amazed on how far you’ve come.

Though there still times that this happens:

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6. You get annoyed with the younger generation

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What the hell is up with this generation? If you did some of the things that kids are doing nowadays when you were younger, you would’ve gotten your ass kicked. “Was I that annoying, insufferable, and nasty before,” and “what’s this person’s deal,” cross your mind every time. Kids these days. Pretty soon, you’re going to end up telling them to get off your lawn.

5. You know when to take the high road

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Back then, you just HAD to get even if someone messed with you. You had to give them comeuppance. You had to have revenge and the thought of gleefully standing on your high horse is bliss. Now that you’re older, you have no time for anyone’s bullshit. You’re able to settle issues in a mature way and you know when to peacefully bow out of a disagreement. You learn to choose your battles. If the other person’s still being childish, screw it. You learn that you less you care, the happier you’ll be. You don’t need drama in your life and you want it to stay that way.