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Adulting 101: How to Stretch Your Moolah Until the Next Sweldo

Pa-check check ng account…abang-abang ng balita.

| June 14, 2018

Adulting 101:

How to Stretch Your Moolah

Until the Next Sweldo

By Desiree Pore

You already have a list of things that you’ve always wanted to buy come sweldo, even though you know you’ll end up bankrupt for the next few weeks (hey, at least you’re happy!).

After all your walwal and inuman sessions, you’ll find yourself staring at your almost empty bank account, wondering where your paycheck went. Avoid being stuck in the same situation every payday by following these tips.

1. Don’t Buy that Bag (or Makeup) Yet


Every girl dreams of wanting to buy everything without looking at its price tag. Until that dream’s realized, examine first if you really need that lipstick, or just want to buy it even though you already have the exact same lipstick but with a different shade.


2. Packed Lunch Will Save Your Life


You can cut your spending in half when you bring your own food instead of dining out during lunch. That way, you can also track your calorie intake by cooking your own food.


3. It’s Best To Track (and Plan) Your Spending


If you’re left with an x amount of money, look back on the things that you’ve spent on during the past week and tally it. It’s also recommended to plan your spending ahead so that you can check which ones you should prioritize.


4. Freeze that Evil Credit Card


Sometimes a credit card can be your best friend, but most of the time it can be dangerous. If you feel like you have the discipline of a fighter then go ahead, use that little thing. If you don’t then it’s best to put it in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.