8 of the Weirdest UFO Abduction Stories

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8 of the Weirdest UFO Abduction Stories

Cue the X-Files theme music.

| July 6, 2015

Cases such as UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings or even worse, alien abductions, have always tickled the minds of the curious. Highly considered as one of the many mind-boggling conspiracy theories ever to stress out researchers or the average joe, the idea that there is, indeed, extraterrestrial life outside of Earth remains extremely intriguing despite the horrendous accounts of certain people who claimed to have encountered the Third Kind.

Whether or not these cases are deemed as hoaxes, products of people’s imagination, paranoia, or the occasional hallucinogenic substances, the truth is still out of reach. With the aid of modern pop culture and an immense backing of the media on particular testimonies, it could either leave us with a wave of bewilderment or conviction regarding this concept.

Here’s a list of our top 8 alien encounter-slash-abduction stories. No, not because we’re telling you that you should believe all these theories or hearsay but perhaps only to make you think about how creepy things can get, and that what you’ve seen in movies are loosely based on some of these real life tales. So it’s your call, because as they say: to see is to believe.

Disclaimer: All eight stories have been gathered through research and are all based on second hand knowledge of the subject of UFO encounters and alien abductions.

8. Betty and Barney Hill

Barney and Betty Hill, an American couple that were driving back home from a trip from the Niagra Falls, cruised along the dark woods of the north, when they noticed a bright light up ahead. Curious as they were, the couple decided to park their vehicle to observe the peculiar light through their binoculars and from  a safe distance. But the bright and glowing light turned to their direction and approached. Rattled, the Hills hurriedly drove away but were chased down by the UFO. During the chase, Barney tried to shoot at the object using a pistol, but was awestruck when he noticed about ten humanoids observing them aboard the ship. He then floored the gas pedal for a high-octane escape when suddenly, both felt tingling sensations in their bodies as they entered an altered state of consciousness.

No vivid memory of the encounter was recalled but Betty would continue to have weird dreams about what happened. With the aid of hypnosis, Barney and Betty Hill were able to make a recollection of the memories they’d lost during their skirmish with the supposed aliens. They also found out that they were abducted for sperm and skin samples. A telepathic message from the visitors was also recalled that told them to have no fear.

The appearance of the aliens that the Hills described gave way to sketches that helped create the modern looks of extraterrestrial beings we know today. This was also the first ever abduction case that was highly publicized and is continued to be tackled to this day.


7. Antonio Vilas-Boas

Brazil—a 23-year old farmer named Antonio Vilas-Boas decided to work on the fields one evening. As he plowed, the young farmer noticed a bright star-like figure blinking in a far away distance across the sky. He didn’t mind it at first, apart from its eye-catching appearance, but he noticed that it grew larger and brighter every second—it was closing in on him. In a blink of an eye, the field as well as Antionio glowed red as the unidentified egg-shaped flying object settled smoothly just a few meters from the bewildered farmer. Instinctively, he tried to flee the scene out of sheer panic and drove away on his tractor. But to his surprise, the engine died almost instantly and he had no other choice but to run for his life. It was to no avail, however, as three sort of humanoids that sported helmets and were draped with overalls—that also spoke in a barking manner—quickly snatched him to the egg-shaped vessel.

Inside, Antonio was stripped naked and was lathered with a gel-like fluid all over his body. Blood samples were taken as well and other medical procedures that involved the use of peculiar tools. Suddenly, an attractive female humanoid arrived and they both engaged in sexual intercourse. After the deed, the female humanoid made a gesture as if she has gone over the process of conception to giving birth and that the child was automatically sent back to where they came from. Without any idea what was going on, the earthling played along with the absence of alien hostility and was allowed to roam around the premises. Unfortunately, the farmer was ousted because the humanoids caught him taking an object that he wanted to bring home as a memento. By the time he finally realized that he back to his regular programming, about four hours had gone since he was taken.


6. John Salter, Jr.

Back in ’88, John Salter, Jr. and his son John Salter III were driving along a highway when they suddenly lost all sense of time, direction, and recollection. Apparently, a UFO was present and by the time they realized it, the father and son tandem found themselves underneath a vessel that had child-looking humanoids observing them. This time, it was different, though, as the humanoids seemed to be extremely welcoming.

Both men were taken in and were guided into a room to undergo medical examination procedures. To their surprise, there was a massive overall improvement in health and the Salters claimed that they felt a sense of rejuvenation from the experience. What’s more disturbing, however, was John Salter, Jr.’s prominent forehead scar—it completely disappeared.


5. Allagash Waterway Abduction

Art School students Jack and Jim Weiner, Chuck Rack, and Charlie Foltz went on a leisurely fishing trip some time in 1976. As it was, the crew decided to go night fishing and left a huge campfire to find their way back to their tents. While they were busy trying to catch some game, the group noticed a glowing, colour-changing orb-like figure above a row of trees. The figure suddenly grew and engulfed the students (including their canoes and fishing gear) and they all fell into a deep sleep. Luckily for them, they awoke back at their camp with the bonfire completely extinguished.

All four students would then experience a series of nightmares that involved them undergoing medical procedures aboard a spaceship. These proved to be true after sessions of hypnoses allowed them to recall these said medical procedures. And as art students, they were able to vividly depict what they saw through drawings and sketches.


4. Dr. Herbert Hopkins

Doctor and renowned Hypnotist Herbert Hopkins was tasked to handle a UFO case back in Maine. One night in ’78, he received a mysterious phone call from an unnamed person who claimed that he was a part of a certain UFO Research Organisation that was based in New Jersey. The call was for a house-visit and a plea to drop all prior and further investigations, as well as to destroy all his files regarding any UFO-related cases he possessed. Hopkins obliged to the former and went on to prepare for his visitor when a man instantaneously arrived at his front door just after the phone call.

When the doctor opened his door, he realized that his visitor was a man who wore a black suit, a black hat, and was completely bald with no noticeable eyelashes or eyebrows. Off the bat, it was already a bit sketchy, but when the man in black started talking, an absence of a proper mouth was distinguished as well—he had no mouth and the place where it should be was smeared with a thick layer of lipstick. The pale man repeated his plea and this time, showcased an unbelievable gesture (at that time, at least) of a coin vanishing in thin air. That was aimed to point out the seriousness of his intention and that, maybe, just maybe, he was unlike any other being. Towards the end of his discussion, the man in black seemed to have fallen weak, his voice broke, and he disappeared towards a light with no trace left behind.

The experience was good enough reason for Dr. Hopkins to destroy all existing files he had. Later on, he also found that there was no such thing as a UFO Research Organisation.


3. Whitley Strieber

Whitney Strieber is an author that claimed to have been abducted by aliens during his stay at his upper Manhattan vacation house in 1985. On a cold December evening, Strieber, along with his family, heard a loud thump in his bedroom in his cabin-like home. Thinking that it could be just a normal episode of an animal invasion or the wind, he went to check out the room. But it was no animal or wind, what stood in front of him was a grotesque creature that was purely out-of-this-world. This was around eleven in the evening and next thing he knew, he found himself sitting alone, outside in the woods, and far from his cabin home.

He then resorted to hypnosis, as it was the most popular way of recollecting lost memories, for answers. What he recovered was being floated above to a UFO where he was abducted. The creatures—dark-eyed and some robot-like—then performed various medical procedures that involved long needles and anal probes. As his conviction grew from this experience, he wrote a controversial New York Times bestselling novel entitled ‘Communion’.


2. Scott Murray’s Wife

When Scott Murray received a distress call from his wife, he thought that she was either drugged, raped, or both. He immediately took his wife to the ER for tests, but the results showed no signs of either rape or drug use. However, he noticed a strange burn mark on his wife’s shoulder. Back in their farm, he saw the same marks engraved on some of the crops and on a group of leaves from a nearby tree. With no options left and a burning curiosity, Scott Murray took his wife for a series of hypnotic therapy.

The already-traumatized wife was further burdened with new-found memories of being abducted, and that she had been the victim of disturbing methods performed by the aliens. These left her even more terrified, paranoid, and shattered. Soon after, Scott’s wife took her own life. And as the widowed husband searched for more answers, he took the leaf samples to an organization and was confirmed to have radiation burns. However, as if to suddenly hide something, they took back the answers and claimed that it was nothing more than an unexplained act of nature.


1. Peter Khoury

AUSTRALIA—Peter Khoury first saw a play of lights in the sky in 1988. In July of the same year, a hooded figure grabbed his ankles while he laid in bed. He saw four more hooded figures that communicated a message telling him to just relax as if it was just like the last time. The next thing he knew, they were inserting a large needle on the side of his head and everything went black. He woke up and couldn’t recall what happened in the last hour. Peter also checked if he had a puncture mark—it was present.

In 1992, he claimed that he had sexual encounters with extraterrestrial beings but did not want to disclose any details until the year 1996, when he met a leading Australian researcher that tackled the subject matter.

According to Peter, two naked humanoid women were with him in bed—they had long faces and eyes bigger and wider than humans. The blonde one grabbed his head and pressed it against her chest; this left Peter’s mouth on one of the humanoid’s breasts. He then accidentally chipped off a part of a nipple but the lady apparently did not feel a thing. Peter coughed it out and the moment after, both humanoid ladies were gone. A pain remained, however, and it was down in his genitals. To his surprise, two strands of blonde hair were also wrapped around his penis. The man quickly untangled the strands and preserved them in a transparent container.

Peter had the strands of hair reviewed at the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group and the study revealed that the hair contained 5 DNA markers. Yes, it was of human origins, but it only belonged to a unique and specific Mongol race. What’s even more bizarre is that the only four existing women that possessed this kind of DNA were all Chinese with black hair.



Do you know anyone who’s ever encountered the Third Kind? What are weird alien abduction stories you’ve heard? Share your stories with us in the comments below!