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All the Hubadera Outfits at this Year’s Coachella

Ang inet!

| April 25, 2018

Kendall Jenner

Attending one of the busiest and most popular festivals in the world is tiring, but that didn’t stop KarJenner member Kendall to dress up accordingly for the occasion. Homegirl looked chic and at the same time comfy with her teeny tiny top and cargo pants.


Olivia Culpo

The former Miss Universe slayed her white jumpsuit outfit at this year’s Coachella, proving the whole world, the universe, rather, why she’s still the Queen.


Bella Hadid

Hadid teaches us a thing or two on how to slay even if your ex-boyfriend is near the vicinity; just show off your physique by wearing a crop top and a body chain and you’re good to go!


Hailey Baldwin

The model gave us a peek of her toned abs thanks to her crop top and low-waist pants. Brb, hitting the gym ASAP.


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