All You Need to Know to Become the Next Top YouTube star

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All You Need to Know to Become the Next Top YouTube star

Here are 8 tips straight from YouTube’s own Chris Schremp.

| June 10, 2018

All You Need to Know

to Become the Next

Top YouTube star

By 8List

So you want to start your own YouTube channel. You’ve got your camera and lighting equipment ready for your first video. But, here’s something you should know: being an online star is not exactly a walk in the park. You have to think about what’s going on your channel and how best to reach your audience.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for you. We sat down with YouTube’s Global Director for Creator and Artist Development Chris Schremp and asked him for advice for you, aspiring vlogger.

1). Celebrate your individuality

“What’s interesting with the creators in the Philippines is the diversity of their content,” says Chris. Videos on music, dance, gaming, beauty, travel, comedy, and even education (those how-to videos are popular!) are all celebrated on YouTube. The question for creators then becomes: “What interests you?” Once you figure that out, you switch on the camera and start on that first vlog.


2) Authentic stories are always worth telling

Stop trying to make fetch happen–this little nugget of wisdom applies even to your YouTube channel. Viewers appreciate stories and experiences they can relate to, so strive for genuine storytelling. “(Creators from the Philippines) share real stories that’s why they are connecting with the fans and that’s how they are growing”, Chris says. Of course, you can always spice up your videos with creative touches, but in the end it’s always about how the real you comes through on the videos on your channel.


3) Learn the YouTube basics

Here’s a thing we are most excited about: We found out there are online crash courses on YouTube and it only takes about 45 minutes to 2 hours long to finish! Creator Academy offers insights about launching and optimizing a channel.  Aspiring creators can actually dabble in the behind-the-scenes of YouTube with available topics like copyright policies, making your channel easily discoverable, growing your community, or earning from your channel.

Talking about the tools available to content creators, Chris says, “I have a team that focuses on entirely on YouTube/Filipino creators, spending time with them and helping them grow.”  He adds it’s all part of the investment on creators in the country. Still unsure if digital stardom is for you? Well, take it from these guys, welcome YouTube creator!


4). Collaborate with other creators

Teaming up with someone is always a good idea. Find a creator with similar interests or take the risk and take on a one-of-a-kind collab project. We’ve seen Matt Steffanina and D-trix dance to Sungha Jung’s guitar tune, what’s stopping you from doing a video that is just as exciting? Aside from earning a friend in a fellow YouTube creator, you get twice the support from you and your collab partner’s viewers.