All You Need to Know to Become the Next Top YouTube star

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All You Need to Know to Become the Next Top YouTube star

Here are 8 tips straight from YouTube’s own Chris Schremp.

| June 10, 2018

5). Make time to connect with your audiences

“Find ways to make the most out of every interaction with fans by watching the community tab.” Chris says to find opportunity in comments and feedback left by viewers. By engaging in conversation, creators get to build on their previous videos and even come up with ideas with their fans.

Keeping close ties to viewers is so important that every year, both creators and fans look forward to the YouTube FanFest for meet and greet activities. This year, the FanFest welcomed about 8,000 fans who enjoyed an entire day with some of their favorite creators. Chris tells  us “local creators have grown so much that they are just as recognized, if not more, than other global creators. That’s why we’re featuring  so many of them in this year’s FanFest.”


6.) Keep an eye out for YouTube Creator events

If you’re already on a roll with your channel, you should keep at it. YouTube organizes events and workshops where you can learn more about content creation, spend time with fellow YouTubers, and build your community. Last year, there was Next Up Camp, a 5-day bootcamp where creators learned how to make better videos, get more subscribers, and build up their channels. They also opened the first Pop-Up Space in Manila where creators can discover more about video production and know the right production tools for vlogging. So if you’re really keen on becoming a vlogger, keep your eyes and ears sharp for the next creator events.

“We have FanFest creators who attended our Creator Camp.  Now we’re seeing them grow and featured on the mainstage,” shares Chris.


7). Trial is still the best course

The truth is anyone can be a creator. If you’re willing to be part of the YouTube community, it is up to you to open the channel, create content, and nurture the growth of your subscribers. Chris says, “with YouTube, there’s no penalty in failure. You can take risks, try new content and see if it connects with your audience.” There is no one course to succeeding on YouTube, so start by finding your own.


8). Hit it off with millions of audiences from PH

Your channel doesn’t even have to be so “extra.” The average global watchtime on YouTube is a whopping 1 billion hours daily. In the Philippines, 85% of online Filipinos visit the platform. This means there are plenty eyes and viewers on YouTube just waiting to lean in to new and exciting content. Chris also shares that Filipino fans are particularly supportive, so no need to fret over “making it”.

Enjoy the community atmosphere, slowly grow your audience, and you might just follow the footsteps of the 10 local content creators who headlined the recently held YouTube FanFest. Who knows, you can even join Filipino creators Wil Dasovich, Lloyd Cadena, CongTV and Michelle Dy who have over a million subs!

Good luck to you, next YouTube star!