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8 Answers When Your Friend Asks “San Tayo Kakain?”

Ikaw na bahala.

| February 26, 2017

8 Answers When Your Friend Asks “San Tayo Kakain?”

By 8List

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Perhaps one of the hardest questions we face during lunch breaks is, “san tayo kakain?” It’s a simple question that leads to an unending stream of senseless answers. Let’s take a look at a couple of answers we usually hear.

8. “Ikaw’

It’s the answer when we don’t want to shoulder the burden of deciding—it’s for the lazy people.


7. “Kahit saan”

An answer that will leave the barkada wondering more—it’s as vague as it can get.


6. “Kaw bahala”

Via Giphy

Sometimes you just have to say this when you don’t want any part in deciding where to eat—better be straightforward—although it might piss your friends.


“Kahit saan, basta libre mo”

An effective way to have your friends decide for you and everyone else on where to eat.