What #APEChottie and other APEC Hashtags Say about Us

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What #APEChottie and other APEC Hashtags Say about Us

And here are our priorities.

| November 18, 2015

What #APEChottie
and other APEC Hashtags
Say about Us

 By Kel Fabie


With the APEC summit still happening and still drawing all sorts of reactions from people both positive and negative, it’s interesting to take a look at the hashtags we’ve been using to talk about this event.

Are we second class citizens in our own nation or are we merely dealing with a minor speed bump towards the progress implicitly promised by a successful summit? Some of the tweets within these hashtags cover that entire range of emotions.



This is the hashtag most people use to seriously discuss what’s going on in the summit. Whenever someone gets quoted saying something salient, or a picture is shown depicting something important happening, this is the go-to hashtag.

What using this hashtag says about you: You care about this summit enough to overlook the poor planning, the horrible traffic, and all the other pitfalls because you know it has important ramifications. Especially when it comes to our straining relations with China.

Typical #APEC2015 Tweet:

Thanks, Obama!



Oh, we all know what this hashtag is for. We really, really do.

What using this hashtag says about you: If you’re in Metro Manila, you’re trying to keep people from even thinking of traversing EDSA. Or listening to WAZE for as long as the conference is ongoing. Or keeping people raging at PNoy and his heir apparent, Mar.

Typical #trAPEC Tweet:

He didn’t exactly promise “Daang Matuwid” would be moving along…



This hashtag normally accompanies any other traffic-related hashtag, as propagated by the official MMDA Twitter account.

What using this hashtag says about you: You’re willing to ask the MMDA for traffic help, because no matter how much we trust “si Waze” (why do we keep referring to Waze like it’s a person?), the Pinoy version of asking and giving directions is still how we go about things here.

Typical #MMDA Tweet:

Don’t you love how on top of things the MMDA has been—ever since Chairman Tolentino left?            


We envied the Americans who can say “Thanks, Obama!” with equal levels of sincerity and sarcasm. Now that he’s here again, we can do exactly the same thing.

What using this hashtag says about you: You have something to say about the American president. Maybe you even think he should be able to give advice to one of our presidential candidates about her citizenship issues, given that they’re both Americans.

Typical Tweet:

He can see the sunset, but can he smell the bay?



The traffic. The supposed hiding of poor people from the eyes of the delegates. The terrible planning. The canceled flights. The hardheaded people who insist on taking the APEC Lane, including that truck filled with pigs(—the APEC lane isn’t for local politicians). So many shortcuts were taken to cater to the APEC delegates at the expense of us Filipinos, and this is where people vented their frustrations.

What using this hashtag says about you: APEC, schmAPEC. You’re in it for the lulz of people who misunderstand what APEC is all about, or the pitfalls of setting up a summit this big in what amounted to very brief preparation or forewarning from the ones who had years to plan this.

Typical Tweet:

Magsama nga kayo ni Alma Moreno.



More traffic complaints, but there’s a bit of #hugot going on, too.

What using this hashtag says about you: “Hmph. #trAPEC is soooo mainstream.” It’s like a hipster decided to make another hashtag altogether just to stay away from the hoi poloi.

Typical Tweet:

“Hello from the other side…” -cars not on the APEC lane            


No matter what happens in this country, you know, you just know that whatever the #AlDub hashtag is for the day, it will still figure into everything somehow.

What using this hashtag says about you: If you’re using this hashtag while tweeting about the APEC summit, it means only one thing, really—you’re artificially inflating the number of tweets for your pet hashtag for the day. Nothing new here, carry on.

Typical Tweet:

The hashtag’s relevance to the content is unbelievable!



So. #TeamTrudeau or #TeamNieto? Sure, one of them has a very questionable human rights track record, while the other leads a country that sent its garbage to us (this explains the Justin Bieber concerts), but who cares? They’re hot!

But still. What the heck is an Ape Chottie?

What using this hashtag says about you:  You think these men should not have to deal with the Laglag-Bala modus, but expect them to have to deal with the Laglag-Panty modus. A lot.

Typical Tweet:

He then proceeds to toss his clothes to the Philippines. 


What’s your ~favorite~ APEC hashtag? Share your thoughts and feels in the comments!