Awkward Moments We’ve All Experienced in Public Transportation

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Awkward Moments We’ve All Experienced in Public Transportation

Sarap talaga mag-commute!

| September 5, 2017

Awkward Moments

We’ve All Experienced

in Public Transportation

By Kyzia Maramara

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Commuting is a part of our daily lives as much as eating is. We all waste away some three hours every day just to get somewhere and to get back home so we definitely have our own moments in public transportation. Here we’ve sought 8 of the most awkward moments everyone has experienced in public transportation. What’s the most awkward for you?

When you experience an OJT as a conductor

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Everybody knows the seat second nearest to the driver is the ugliest one in the jeepney. In the spirit of the Filipino’s desire to help out always, those sitting there are required to pass the fare of the rest of the jeepney to the driver. Sometimes he or she can never do anything else once everybody’s done with their payments.


Being familiar with strangers because you’re always on the same route at the same time

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There are a couple of familiar faces on the trek to work. Familiar because we just ride the same bus, jeep, or train with them. You’re practically growing up with them and you notice when they get a haircut or when they get sick. How creepy is that? When’s the right time to acknowledge them with a kind smile? It’s probably never because admit it, you judge them every day.


Transferring to a warm seat and it’s not the good kind of warm

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There’s nothing Filipinos like best than upgrading. Unfortunately, if you’re in public transportation, upgrading to another seat has its own disadvantages. Like.. they’re warm. Which leads you to ask, what did that passenger do in this seat?!


Smiling through the pain

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What a great day! Until somebody steps on your toe and you feel that jolt of annoyance but you have to smile because it’s not good manners to suddenly punch a stranger in the gut.