Bad Songs with Good Music Videos

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Bad Songs with Good Music Videos

Video saved the radio star.

| September 4, 2017

Bad Songs with Good Music Videos

By Cel Ortega

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Not all songs turn out to be awesome-sounding hits, no matter how amazing the singer. Their saving grace, then, is a music video that would distract us with its aesthetic appeal or deep meanings. And sometimes that trick works until we start listening to the song on its own on Spotify or iTunes — and then we remember how much it stinks.

Here are just 8 of them!

Work B**ch – Britney Spears

“Work B**ch” is not Britney’s best work, especially with its cringe worthy techno beats and hardly “singable” lyrics. But we’d be damned if we didn’t admit that she slayed this music video like the queen that she is.


Die Another Day – Madonna

Similar to Britney’s less-than-stellar song, Madonna’s “Die Another Day” is pretty much a disappointment too. Although it’s a great workout song, it’s not something anyone would willingly listen to on any given day. Still, she managed to make the music video look so epic. Madonna fighting against Madonna? Yes please.


What Does the Fox Say – Ylvis

No one can ever forget this nonsensical song that caused us major confusion in 2013. Still, we admired the production quality of its music video.


Fruit Snacks – KYLE

Sick beat, even sicker music video, but damn the lyrics don’t make any sense at all.