8 Punk Rock Bands That Influenced Our Pre-Pubescent Years

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8 Punk Rock Bands That Influenced Our Pre-Pubescent Years

Well I guess this is growing up.

| August 10, 2017

8 Punk Rock Bands

That Influenced

Our Pre-Pubescent Years

By Patti Sunio

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Back when we thought the world was against us, only loved our parents when they brought us to Tower Records and bought us CDs (otherwise, we’re busy “rebelling” against them!), and wore high socks with our mismatched red and blue All-Stars, these were the bands that kept us alive.


Can you believe we actually considered them our ideal types back then? Tom, Mark, and Travis introduced us to the beauty of punk rock, spoof videos, go-karts, and running nude on the streets. They were our immature heroes as teens, but their songs made us feel better for sure, be it because of their funny antics or lyrics we could relate to, on family, getting busted, not caring about school, and growing up.


Sum 41

With their killer combination of different sounds—skate punk that borders on heavy metal and alternative rock, All Killer No Filler was rightly called so. Their songs and MVs were the types that left us in a good mood and made our hearts race in a good way, despite lyrics we never allowed our mothers to hear!


Green Day

We all have Green Day to thank for influencing many of the punk bands we’ve come to know growing up. Green Day was a band above the rest, who could turn romantic and sweet (yet maintaining the angst and nonchalance) one moment, and political the next. And how can you not fall in love with Billie Joe Armstrong’s distinct vocals and style (and powerful *green* eyes)?


Good Charlotte

Can’t say we weren’t charmed by their good looks (hello bangs, dark eyeliner, all-black or a dapper suit, facial piercings, and tattoos all over!). Despite the “good” in their name, badass is probably the word that best describes them, from their singing style to no-nonsense lyrics, they knew how to mix fun and meaning. Plus, the band probably had the most cinema-esque, high-quality production MVs that totally made the visual appeal all the more top-notch!