8 Punk Rock Bands That Influenced Our Pre-Pubescent Years

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8 Punk Rock Bands That Influenced Our Pre-Pubescent Years

Well I guess this is growing up.

| August 10, 2017

New Found Glory (1997)

Also called NFG, their albums were quite the rare ones you could listen to for the whole afternoon on repeat, from start to finish. It didn’t include a lot of angst; their songs were quite melodious, even sweet. Also, you’d be totally missing out on life if you haven’t at least listened to any of their cover songs!


Simple Plan (1999)

They seemed the like kids we could be friends with, share all our adolescent concerns with, and hangout with after school. Before Perfect, there was I’d Do Anything and I’m Just A Kid which were our exact same thoughts, feels, and dreams—turned into songs.


The Offspring (1984)

The 90s was pretty fly in the punk rock music scene thanks to these guys. As much as they blew our minds with their out-of-this-world music videos, supercharged songs, and live performances (if you were lucky to have been in one!), it’s the craziness in their ideas that we actually appreciate the most—and has influenced a lot of younger punk bands.


Bowling For Soup (1994)

What could be truer in this life than their song High School Never Ends? Memorize the lyrics and you’ve pretty much got life all figured out. Wacky, crazy, and at times, borderline gross, we loved Bowling For Soup because they definitely knew how to have fun.


What bands shaped your pre-pubescent years? Share them with us below!