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Beat the Rainy Weather with These Essential Gadgets and Accessories

Wala ka nang excuse sa boss ngayon.

| July 2, 2018

5. Reversible Water Repellent Parka

Via Uniqlo

Php 1,500, Uniqlo outlets

This stylish jacket lets you go out the gloomy weather in two different styles with its reversible feature: one side is durable and waterproof in light rain, the other is comfortable and soft to touch. It’s perfect for any weather but during this season, it can keep you warm while protecting you from getting wet.


6. Waterproof bags

Php 2,125, Punchdrunk Panda

The challenge of keeping your things dry while commuting through the rain is frustrating but it won’t be if you use waterproof backpacks. Punchdrunk Panda produces stylish colorful backpacks, tote bags, and duffle bags that are all made from nylon fabric, the water will only remain on the surface of the bag!

Php 2,990, Gouache City Bag

Gouache’s backpack line can be reliable too with its waxed finish making it water repellant and at most, water resistant. Commute through the gloom in style!


7. Mini Umbrellas

Via Lazada

Php 729, Lazada

Being too lazy to bring an umbrella might be alright during the summer but with this unpredictable weather, winging it simply won’t do. Umbrellas don’t have to be big and heavy; there are mini umbrellas which can do the job of keeping you dry well enough, or at least keeping parts of you dry.

This Black Lemon Nano Umbrella from Lazada won’t occupy too much space in your bag since it’s roughly the size of your hand. For a more affordable but classy version, the cute transparent umbrellas from 7/11 convenience stores will only cost you P100!

If you want an umbrella that’s sure to last you long, drop by the nearest department store and browse through Fibrella’s catalogue of ever-trusty umbrellas.


8. Waterproofing shoe spray

Php 1,095

Protect your shoes and other accessories with Carbon Pro, Collonil’s latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. All you need to do is to spray the aerosol on your shoe and reap the benefits of waterproofing.

Php 995

Crep Protect Spray comes in an easy-to-use can which protects all kinds of shoe materials and fabric. It uses nano technology and is quick drying. A quick swipe on your shoe (and another for added protection) and you’re free to walk those sneaks on water!

Via Ace

Php 570

While Scotchgard won’t waterproof your shoes completely, it can certainly make it water repellant, and it can push stains away from fabric fibers. It’s affordable and available online!


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