8 Tweets about

Pride Month 2018

that We Love

By Luanne Arevalo

Pride Month culminated last June 30 at the Marikina Sports Complex with the Pride March, and it was, as always, colorful—literally and figuratively. The place was filled with rainbow-themed flags, outfits, balloons, and signs, among others; but of course, none were more colorful than the participants and supporters themselves. And there were a lot: attendance was said to be 25,000, the biggest ever in local Pride March history.

But apart from celebrating and championing the LGBT community, Pride March also put the spotlight on several causes, and even raised funds for these—a shout-out to the Pride March’s beginnings as a sociopolitical protest.

Many of the Pride Months’ most memorable stories—whether about the March or simply about the significance of the event—were documented on Twitter, and here are some of our favorite posts:


1. The girl who honored her two dads

So much love, hat choices notwithstanding.


2.This graduate who waved the rainbow flag proudly at his graduation

Congratulations, Darryl Phillip Chavez of FEU!


3. This March joiner, who was determined to express his support at all costs.

Lavet! Props for originality and creativity!


4. This guy, who did the sign language on stage

…and not just for the talk parts too, but even for the song numbers! Not all heroes wear capes, indeed!

5. These Marchers, who expressed an apology

Like Krissy, would say: love love love!


6. The mother who greeted her son a Happy Pride in the best way

We’re not crying! You’re crying!


7. These couples who felt right at home

Awww <3 <3 <3


8. This family, who modeled just how the rest of society should be

Because acceptance, not tolerance.



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